Dustin Pickering


from DARKLING (1)

The sea is one nocturnal emphasis:

I speak to you across distances like a code

in war. The mothers of the universe are your whores.

I am your daughter, and you are roses in bloom.

I know this because I was an empty blossom

holding your tongue in eclipse. Science doesn’t attempt.

I am a fighter in the flight for fancy

and Lolita limps to my lights. I am drunk on the wine of song:

the ships of ghost wars fight and kiss your lips

with the redness of lustful season.

from DARKLING (2)

I know you like the visions of Mary

and the archangels who storm the eyes.

Everything I am is born of your love:

assay, great in ecstasy.


We are Romans in pissing pleasure

while the ancients sell their wares

in the exotic heights…

yet the tracks are unknown

and the Promised Land is made of thunder again.

You can’t sing when your nights are lost.


I am not smoking song

and I invite comparison.

Skeleton keys cannot open your secret chambers;

the wounds of destiny are left to fester like moss in clay.

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is founder of Transcendent Zero Press. He is the author of several books including The Daunting Ephemeral and Salt and Sorrow. He is also a visual artist and songwriter. He lives in Houston, Texas.


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